Željko Dugac, “Croatian physicians and medicine – transition from Empire to Yugoslavia”

Croatian physicians and medicine – transition from Empire to Yugoslavia

My plan is to develop a case study of four Croatian physicians whose careers began in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and whose professional work was continued within the clinical and educational institutions in the Kingdom of SHS-Yugoslavia:

-Dr Teodor Wickerhauser (1858-1946)
-Dr Miroslav Čačković (1865-1930)
-Dr Dragutin Masek (1866-1956)
-Dr Andrija Štampar (1888-1958)


I will analyse the professional curricula of physicians and professors of the Medical Faculty in Zagreb. The main goal will be to reconstruct the continuities and discontinuities in their professional, scientific, and public activities with special attention to:

-paradigmatic change of the medical profession itself, created by changes of the social and political situation,

-influence of the process of internationalization of health occurring after the founding of the League of Nations Health Organisation,


-impact of professional paths, development of science and medical ideas of particular representatives of the medical elites.



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